Living Image Project

Notice : This project has ended. The page no longer actively updated.
When is a new generation created?
When enough votes have been cast to construct meaningful statistics. Currently this is assumed to be about 300 votes, though this number is arbitrary and may vary.

How many times can I vote?
You can vote 25 times per day.

What software do you use in this project?
Delphi 7 Professional
DelphiNEAT - used to evolve neural networks.
PNG Delphi - to write PNG files from Delphi.
PNGOUT - to decrease the size of said files.
Adobe Photoshop CS - to scale down the images and eliminate some artifacts.
NativeXML - to store the networks between runs.
XAMPP - an easy to use Apache installation + PHP + MySQL and other things; used to develop this site.
Crimson Editor - for editing PHP.

Can I get the source code for this thing?
Yep, download the Delphi source here : (8 KB)
(it's only sparsely commented, so beware ;))

Do you hope to achieve "The Ultimate Artwork" or something like that?
No. It is impossible to create something that everyone would find beautiful, so I'm not aspiring to that. However, we might get something that is passable for most. And I'm curious about what that could be like :)