Tree Link

For each link you point to this page, I will sponsor one new tree through Trees for the Future to help the environment.

Use this code :

  • You can help the global ecosystem and aid the fight against deforestation simply by linking to this page. Each link means a new tree planted.
  • Creating a link is easy – put the provided code on your site, or just use a normal HTML link pointing to this URL : You can also bookmark this page on social bookmarking sites, put a link in your forum signature, etc.
  • You can put several links on your site, but the additional links won’t count towards the total. New links will be detected automatically (more info).
  • For each new link, I will sponsor one tree through the Trees for the Future charity – up to 1000 trees per month, or more if resources permit (more info).


Q & A

How will you know I’ve added the link?
The Yahoo! search engine has a feature that shows how many pages link to any particular URL. For example, to find out how many links this page has right now, go to Yahoo! and type in this query :
The number of results is the number of links.

I’ll use this feature to determine how many links have been created.

How does this “tree for a link” thing work, exactly?
It’s quite simple – each month, I’ll check the number of new links (see above) and donate enough money to Trees for the Future to plant that many trees. At the moment, the goal is to sponsor 1000 trees per month, which will get me a nice “Plant-a-Grove” certificate that I can post on this site as proof. If this page ever gets more than new 1000 links per month the additional links will carry over to the next month.

Where does the money come from?
Ad revenue. This page, and other pages on this site, contain various ads. When you post a link somewhere, people will click on it and come to this site. Some of them will also click on the ads, bringing me a little bit of money.

I’ve added the widget/link to my site, but the displayed number of links hasn’t changed. Why?
Depending on your site, it may take a few days for your link to be discovered. If it still doesn’t show up, feel free to email me – I’ll try to help.

Does it matter where I put the link on my site?
Not really. Place it wherever you want. In a sidebar, in an article, the page footer, a post making fun of my crappy webdesign skills – any location works 🙂 You can also use any link text you want – just make sure the link points to this page.

Can’t I just make 500 new sites (on free hosting) that contain nothing but your widget?
Please don’t. This would look like spam, and those links wouldn’t bring any new visitors anyway. Also, please be considerate if posting the link on other sites (e.g. blog comments) – a single in-context link may be fine, but unconditionally posting it everywhere would be borderline spam.

Disclaimers & Legal

Unless otherwise noted, I’m not affiliated with any of the organizations mentioned above, including Yahoo! and Trees for the Future. All views and opinions expressed on this page are my own. This website doesn’t represent a registered non-profit organization and doesn’t constitute a legal contract or investment advice. All text and graphics were created by me, except where otherwise noted.