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Here you’ll find some of my posts that have received either a lot of visitors or numerous comments. Most of these are technical how-to’s, with one or two more entertaining exceptions. The entries are in no particular order; click any of the titles to go to the full post.

Free RAR Extractor List

RAR is a very good archiver offering nice file compression ratio; it’s actually the primary archiver I use and there are probably several .rar files to be found on this site. Then again, maybe the proprietary WinRAR software just isn’t for you. In that case, here’s a list of freeware utilities (for Windows, Linux and Mac) that can open .rar files (some incorrectly call them .rar converters).

How To Convert FLV To AVI

In this short how-to I describe an easy way to convert FLV files (AKA Flash video) to AVI. We’ll use a freeware video converter that is designed specifically for converting from the FLV format and works on most versions of Windows…

How To Convert FLAC To MP3

The FLAC format offers good quality, but the files tend to be rather large – for example, 3 minutes of audio could take up around 18 Mb. On the other hand, MP3 is a lossy compression format, but it’s more widely supported and the files are much smaller. This tutorial describes how to convert FLAC to MP3.

UIF to ISO Converter

The UIF format is a proprietary disk image format used by MagicISO. It isn’t supported by any of the popular CD/DVD tools, so it makes sense to convert UIF files to ISO. This post discusses a freeware UIF to ISO converter.

Free PDF to Word Converter

How to convert PDF files to Word documents? – this seems to be an often asked question nowadays. Normally you can’t edit PDF files (unless you buy an expensive editor) and extracting text/images from PDF files can be hard, so converting .pdf files to .doc may seem like a natural solution for those familiar with Microsoft Word.

How To Enable Regedit

If you get the error saying “Regedit has been disabled by the system administrator” when trying to use the Windows XP registry editor, fear not. There is an easy way to re-enable regedit.

Free DAA To ISO Converter

DAA files are yet another disk image file format, invented and used by PowerISO DVD software. This post describes how you can convert them to the .iso format.

How To Become a Vampire

A silly list of things you could do to become more vampire-like. Disclaimer: doesn’t involve actual vampires. Looks like the post caught the attention of some bloodsucker-wannabies; stupidity ensued.

WPS Files Explained

This post describes the .wps file format. It also mentions several (free) ways to convert WPS files to Word documents for easy viewing.