Let’s have a change of focus!

I know, this blog has gone quite stale now. No posts for how long? – a couple months I’d say. Why? Let me tell you about that…

Blogging isn’t really my “thing”. Blogging might seem like a form of “self-expression” (which is good) and such, but essentially it’s still about communication (which I eschew by default). Not creating much enthusiasm the communication word is, for an introvert like me.

Previously I thought I’d only write when I had something worthy to say, for a high value of “worthy”. I wanted to be original, provide content (not just a link to some other site in every post) and talk about non-trivial things. To do that, I’d probably have to be one of the following :

  • A niche-geek, know-it-all enthusiast on a specific topic.
    No such thing here. I’m relatively good at a lot of things, but don’t excel in any particular field. My interests are likewise divided and no overwhelmingly strong desires exist.
  • An impossibly original/unique person.
    There is a very high probability that any idea you have has already been though of by someone else, somewhere else.
  • A normal person who knows what’s going on.
    I don’t watch/read the news. I don’t frequent forums (much). I don’t subscribe to any RSS feeds. I don’t have ICQ, a MySpace account or a Livejournal, and almost never use Skype. I can’t really comment on recent events.

I tend to shift my focus between different topics. For example, this blog was intended for programming-related posts, but I can go a month without writing a single line of code and not feel bad about it. No programming-stuff to write about at that time. Also, recently I’ve turned my attention to affiliate marketing, which is a different topic altogether. I’m also trying to complete my first “photomanip/mixed media” picture (can’t draw :P).

So what I’m going to do is deviate from my original intentions for this blog and finally post some “stuff”. Be afraid! 😉

Imperfection by ~w-shadow on deviantART

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