Living Image – Generation 24

Just a quick note – there’s the 24th generation of images up at Living Image Project – go and vote! I realized there was no way to be notified when a new generation is created, so from now on I’ll post a notice on this blog whenever that happens. By the way, I’m still unsure if the genotypes are permanenlty “stuck” at this image complexity or is this just a temporary plateau.

If the above paragraph made no sense to you, here’s a little info – Living Image is an online project of mine where I post 100 computer generated images and people can vote on any of them. The images are created using a combination of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. When a sufficient number of votes (say, a thousand or so) is accumulated, I take the voting data and feed it into a computer program I wrote, which then “evolves” a next generation of images. In theory, this should lead to more appealing images. In practice… well, see for yourself 😉

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