See The Most Dugg Sites

I’ve created an online tool that displays the sites that received the most votes (diggs) during the last 7 days.


  • The classic Top 10 list.
  • The huge Top 100 list.
  • Sites ranked by the total number of diggs received on all stories submitted in the last 7 days.
  • Click the “Popular stories” column heading to rank them by the number of stories that made the frontpage instead.
  • Updated daily.

Technical Details
The tool only ever looks at stories submitted during the last seven days. This makes the rankings reflect recent trends better and ensures my server can handle the load. A site has to have at least one popular story (during the last 7 days) to be considered. However, if a site is included, all stories submitted within that time period are used when calculating the number of diggs.

While it says “updated daily” on the page, the script actually uses the “rolling update” approach, recalculating rankings bit-by-bit all the time. It’s called “daily” because it takes around 24 hours to re-check all sites. The speed is mostly limited by the Digg API (Edit: The API is no longer available.) requirements.

I’m using a slightly modified version of the Services_Digg toolkit to get the data from I had to downgrade it to PHP 5.0.5 (removing type hinting) to make it work on this host.

…and I did it all solely with my left arm (yes, including the scripts; the right arm is in cast due to an accident). Fear my skills!, er, skillz! 😉

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