Another Antispam Tool – Comment Spam Trap Plugin

I recently blogged about my anti-spam experiment (which has been going great!). The one problem with the method I explained in that post is that it requires the user to modify WordPress core files. Editing the source code can be risky and may intimidate non-programmers. Turns out there is a good alternative though – the Comment Spam Trap WP plugin.

This plugin works similarily to my technique – it creates an invisible email field that only spam bots would see. If the field is filled in, the comment is considered spam. The plugin also adds another email field which is used to validate the email. I haven’t tested it extensively, but it looks like this plugin could be quite effective.

On a related note, my own spam prevention code has been functioning nicely – I haven’t got any spam comments since I set it up. Zero. None. I did get some spammy trackbacks, but they were all blocked by either Akismet or Simple Trackback Validator.

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