Is About “Grave Images”

Google has a free keyword suggestion tool that is supposed find keywords related to a phrase or a website’s URL that you enter. I tried “” and got some weird suggestions, like “grave images”. While I’m aware of the fact that Google’s bots see websites differently than humans do, this was unexpected. So I went and tried entering some other popular websites – just for fun.

Below is a list of some mildly interesting keywords they produced. Feel free to browse through it for a slightly different perspective on well known websites.

  • grave images
  • obituaries news
  • strange news (spot the trend yet?) (the keywords say it all)

  • history of cheesecake
  • electron beam welding

  • linux software (+ 82 more Linux-related variants)
  • windows vista (once)
  • bad web design (hmm…)

  • horror film festivals
  • html codes for music (the codes?)

  • internet privacy (seems to be lacking)
  • javascript mortgage (I’ve heard about “virtual real estate”, but this?)

  • best search engine (right…)
  • other search engine (that’s more like it.)

  • bored blog (surely they mean -ing)
  • blogger wanted (’cause I’m to bored/-ing to do it myself)
  • blog for money (hey, I might even pay you)

  • roman fresco (what? where?)
  • martina hingis photos (where?!)

Disclaimer : This post is intended purely for entertainment purposes. I’m not stating that these results represent the opinion of Google on anything, et cetera.

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