RSS Feeds for DeviantART Notifications

I thought it would be handy if I could get the various DA notifications (deviantWATCH, new comments on your deviations, etc) as a RSS feed, so I created a PHP script that can log into a DA account and generate the feed. It creates three feeds –

  1. New deviations from your deviantWATCH (with thumbnails!).
  2. Messages (e.g. journal entries, comments on your deviations, etc).
  3. All of the above.

This way you can add the feed(s) to a feed reader and be notified automatically when there’s something new in your DeviantART account. It also saves time, as you don’t need to log in just to check for new messages.

You can download the script and set it up on your own site (you will need a server that has PHP 5 and cURL). See “readme.txt” included in the archive for detailed installation instructions.

If you don’t have a site and don’t feel like investing $6 (or so) in some shared hosting, take a look at This is where I’ve set up a modified version of the script that can handle multiple users. You can create a feed for your DeviantART account just by filling two text fields and clicking a button.

The downside is there’s no warranty it won’t go down randomly and without prior notice 😛

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29 Responses to “RSS Feeds for DeviantART Notifications”

  1. White Shadow says:

    It still sort-of works, just not very well.

  2. Mathieu says:

    To be honest, I haven’t tested it yet. When I saw you first released it in 2008 and that it was last updated in January, I assumed it would be broken after v7. What exactly doesn’t work well? Do you plan on “fixing” it?

    Thank you very much for this, also!

  3. White Shadow says:

    It still shows most of the updates, comments and so on, but some of them get “bunched together”. Instead of having one feed item per journal entry or deviation, you get a new summary item of latest updates each time.

    I’d love to update it, but I’m rather busy :/

  4. Mathieu says:

    Alright, as long as I have a way to monitor/know when there is something new, I can always head to dA to check it out! If you ever have time to update it, just reply to this entry with a comment so I get the notification email!

    Thanks a lot again!

  5. Raphael says:

    Apparently your script does not work at all now. Even login seems to fail. Do you have any plans on fixing the script or implementing a new version? dA seems to have some API now which should at least help with login.

  6. Jānis Elsts says:

    Yep, it hasn’t been updated in quite a while and no longer works. I currently have no plants to fix it as very few people seemed to be interested in the script in the first place. Sorry.

  7. Kassie says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back
    later and see if the problem still exists.

  8. iqbal says:

    no longer works, i need it 🙁

  9. Teknohot says:

    I have been using deviantart for a long time

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