How To Change Your Admin Username In WordPress

When WordPress is installed it sets your login name to “admin” by default. If you want to change it you will usually need to manually edit the WordPress database, which might seem a bit intimidating for people not familiar with MySQL/phpMyAdmin. That’s why I created a small plugin that will let you easily edit your username from within WordPress.

How It Works

The plugin adds a new menu item called “Change Username” to the “Users” menu on the Dashboard. Clicking it will display a form where you can enter your new login name. All you need to do is enter the desired username in the form and click “Save Changes”. The plugin will then automatically perform the required database operations and let you log in with your new username right away.

Download Plugin (3 KB)
I’ve tested the plugin on WP 2.6 – 2.8.3 but it should be compatible with most older versions, too – all the way down to 2.0.x. If you find any bugs feel free to leave a comment below.

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119 Responses to “How To Change Your Admin Username In WordPress”

  1. Laura says:

    When I installed the plugin it worked perfectly to change my database username but now my entire PLUGINS panel has disappeared from the DASHBOARD. Any ideas?

  2. Jānis Elsts says:

    No idea why that would happen, but perhaps removing the plugin (using FTP) would help?

  3. Felica says:

    i don’t understand what’s the point of that

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  5. Young Melendez says:

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  7. amar says:

    thanks for sharing this..
    how can we change the default avatar of wp?

  8. grafiscopio says:

    Here’s how to change the default avatar:

    Go to and upload your image. Then set your email address to the same email address you used for creating your gravatar and voilá!

  9. mohit rathee says:

    nice information….helpful

  10. If I remember correctly, the catch with the approach that you suggest is that for WordPress networks the user name is also added to the user meta data as part of a serialized array.

    So for networks it’s necessary to also change the name in that array, and then, if the length of the new name doesn’t match that of the old name, to also tweak the data that defines the array’s structure.

    I believe that this is why the seemingly straightforward option isn’t available in the WP Admin.

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  12. kyle says:

    thank you works fine on 3.5.1

  13. Shan says:

    thanks for sharing this..

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  15. Hamza says:

    hey admin thanks for this great post.

  16. Faiz ali says:

    thanks awesome post

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