Piracy Is Not Theft : a Counterproposal

Noticed this little piece of visual propaganda on Digg today :
Piracy Is Not Theft

Hmm, doesn’t seem very accurate to me. You can easily tell (by the pixels!) that the author hasn’t really seen a pirate once. Now, the this next picture should be a far more reliable representation of the difference between piracy and theft…

Don’t call filesharing piracy 😛

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2 Responses to “Piracy Is Not Theft : a Counterproposal”

  1. uW says:

    And he probably rapes your wives too!

    filesharing will never die itll just transform around the rules – pirates reign!

  2. PiracyNinja says:

    Piracy FTW!!!!!

    You cant stop something you did not create!

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