Pictures of Cats

It seems clear that Internet users have grown to expect a certain minimum of cat pictures to be present on any worthwhile site. Unfortunately, the aforementioned fare has been decidedly scarce on this domain. Today I seek to remedy this lack by posting a small number of carefully selected images of the feline pesuasion. I also wish to assure you that from this point on each posting (regardless of the topic) will consist solely of whimsical one-liners and pictures of cats (captions optional).

Warning : Due to my lack of experience in this particular art, some none of the following imagery may not will fit the widely accepted criteria of “lolcats” 🙂


I crush imperialism with my paw

On a well



You {$x}ing to me?



Young souls

I believe I can get away with this today 😛

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  1. Gman says:

    Thanks for the software. I am eager to try it. I love your cats…nice bit of photography. At my site, I plan on adding the drooling face of my nearly twenty-year-old, one (sabre) toothed cat.

    Kind Regards

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