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Till 5 AM, I tell you!Minecraft is a huge waste of time. By which I mean, of course, that it’s a hugely addictive browser-based multiplayer game (see my mini-review) that makes people stay up till 5 AM every daycycle just so they can finish the latest megaproject.

But if we’re wasting time we should at least waste it efficiently, right? One of the inefficiencies of this game is that the serverlist is not sortable – if you want to find a populated server you have to look over the entire listing that typically contains 50-100 active server at any given moment.

That’s why I made a GreaseMonkey script that lets you sort the Minecraft serverlist as you like. It adds two new links to the serverlist – “Sort by players” and “Sort by name”. The default is to sort by the number of active players which will put the most populated servers at the top of the page (this can be easily changed by editing one line in the script).

Download userscript!

I’m aware that blog updates have been lacking lately. I hope to remedy with this unfortunate situation in the nearest future.

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3 Responses to “Minecraft Serverlist Sorter”

  1. Urmomy says:

    Minecraft is cool. That’s a game that you need a lot of imagination to build different house or castle… whatever you want to do !^^ The guy who create Minecraft is really cool but he have a lot of time to waste ! XD But now, he’s full of money…

  2. dekema2 says:

    i built a house out of sand too

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks for the greasemonkey script. If you’re into Minecraft you can browse and download thousands of skins at http://sexycraft.net.

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