Get The Shiny New Premium Link Cloaker Now

During the last few months I have been working on an improved premium version of my popular link cloaking plugin. And now, on this unquestionably glorious day, I finally deem it sufficiently polished and bug-free to be ready for public release. So if you do affiliate marketing and want to protect your commissions, go check it out! (This link will take you to the new website I’ve created specifically for this plugin.)

Feature Highlights

  • Automatically cloak links in any part of your site. This means you can also cloak links in the sidebar, footer, etc.
  • Comes with multiple cloaking techniques, like the ability to display the cloaked link in a frame or hide the HTTP referer info.
  • Improved click statistics + optional Google Analytics integration.
  • Gives you more control over which links get cloaked – e.g. you can cloak a bunch of links based on their domain name.
  • Backwards compatible with the free version – the settings will be imported automatically and any links you’ve cloaked using the <!–cloak–> tag or the “Cloak All” mode will continue to be cloaked with no additional effort on your part. The old “static” cloaked links can be imported with a few clicks.
  • A new cool name – Eclipse Link Cloaker 🙂

You can find a more complete list of features (along with screenshots and tutorials) on the plugins website.

Wait, “Premium”?

Yes, that curious adjective means the plugin also comes with a price-tag. Not to worry though – during the initial release period you can grab the new plugin for a meagre sum of $25 and apply it’s awesome cloaking power to any number of sites. Sorry folks, the introductory offer is over and the price has gone up to $57! But there’s still a 100% money-back guarantee, so you wouldn’t really be risking anything.

Miscellaneous Notes

Phew. I hope that didn’t sound too much like sales talk. Anyway, there are a few more minor points I’d like to mention :

  • There will be an affiliate program with 50%-70% commissions. It’s already functional now (so if you have any special ideas, let me know), I just haven’t set up the public-facing affiliate how-to and such.
  • The plugin will have free, automatic updates and can be updated using the same interface that is used to update plugins hosted on
  • Obviously, there’s a little bit of DRM involved.
  • mod_rewrite/pretty permalinks are no longer required. The plugin automatically detects what kind permalink structure the user has and alters it’s cloaked URLs appropriately.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment.

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3 Responses to “Get The Shiny New Premium Link Cloaker Now”

  1. Derek says:

    My blog has more then one user besides me posting referal links most of the time. If this mod is turned on what will happen to the user’s referal links in posts? I do not want to touch there links in any way but only use the clocker for my posts and other links on blog.

    I’d like to only track all my links.

  2. White Shadow says:

    You could turn on the “selective cloaking” mode and cloak your links by adding the <!–cloak–> tag to the link text. For example :

    Link Text

    This way the other users’ links would be unaffected.

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