Plugin Translators Wanted

Image credit : Rawkus @ sxc.huI’ve recently added internationalization support to my Broken Link Checker plugin, so if you like the plugin and would like to see it in your own language, consider contributing a translation! So far people are working, or have already sent in, localization files for the following languages :

  • Italian (complete; even got two – by Gianni Diurno and by Giacomo Ross. Whoops, my fault.)
  • Danish (complete; by Georg S. Adamsen)
  • Chinese, Simplified (complete; by HankYang)
  • Dutch (complete; by Gideon van Melle)
  • German (complete; by Alex Frison)
  • French (complete; by Whiler)
  • Spanish (complete; by Omi)
  • Belorussian (complete; by M. Comfi)
  • Ukrainian (complete; by Stas Mykhajlyuk)

If you’d like to create your own localization, please notify me via a comment or an email first so that I can add you to the list above. Otherwise we might get (another) tricky situation with two users sending in two independent translations for the same language.

Here are some useful resources related to plugin translation :

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12 Responses to “Plugin Translators Wanted”

  1. HankYang says:

    Hi, I’d like to translate this wonderful plugin into Chinese-Simplified

  2. White Shadow says:

    Great, added to the list. Send the translation to when you’re done. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or via email.

  3. Dingoe says:

    I guess you have my translation already. I your pot-file differs, send it to my. Otherwise I weill use the one Gianni Diurno used.

  4. White Shadow says:

    I have your translation, but it appears to be for an older version of the plugin and misses a bunch of translatable strings present in the current one. So you can use the .pot file included with the plugin, in the “languages” directory. Or download the .pot file directly.

  5. Dingoe says:

    Thanks, I will use your pot-file for the Dutch translation. Saw that you changed the plural forms for the better. Good job!

  6. HankYang says:

    Hi, I’ve finished the translation and sent the mo and po file to you via email.

  7. Not A Niche says:

    Hey White Shadow, you can send me the mo and po file to my email for German translation. Glad to help! 🙂

  8. 第一先生 says:

    Very good, often explore learning

  9. Omi says:

    Hi Janis,

    Spanish locale has been finished (just doing some testing now) using the .pot file included with v0.6.5. If there’s an updated one please let me know.

    Please mail me and I will come back to you with the spanish files attached.

    All the best,

  10. Omi says:

    Hey Janis

    Did you get my last mail?

  11. White Shadow says:

    Yes, I just didn’t get a chance to check the untranslated strings you reported yet. I ‘ll do that soon(ish).

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