Most Popular Words In Plugin Names

Behold, I bring you even more WordPress-related statistics! Today : the most popular words in plugin names. Use them to come up with new plugin ideas, figure out which services/features are over- or under-represented in the WP plugin ecosystem, and more.

Here’s a tag cloud of the names of all plugins listed in the directory (click the image for a higher-res version) :

Plugin name tag cloud (filtered)
The above tag cloud has been filtered to exclude extremely common words like “WordPress” and “Plugin”. You can also view the unfiltered tag cloud.

For those who prefer precise numbers, I’ve also prepared a Top 30 list of the most popular words. This one’s not filtered in any way except converting all words to their base form (e.g. “posts” -> “post”, “commenting” -> “comment”, etc) :

Word Occurences
WP 803
Widget 506
WordPress 465
Post 400
Plugin 329
Comment 290
Link 198
Page 184
Tag 141
Image 140
Twitter 128
Category 128
Google 128
Simple 114
List 100
Admin 98
Search 97
Gallery 95
User 86
Manage 85
Custom 83
Feed 79
Blog 76
Random 75
Theme 65
Login 64
Author 64
RSS 64
Content 62
Social 60
Video 60
Recent 56
SEO 56
New 55
Dashboard 54
My 54
Easy 53
Button 53
Code 51
Stats 49
Form 48

Just pick any two (or three) words from the above table and you’re almost guaranteed to get a plausible-sounding plugin name 🙂

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