How To Automatically Post Deviations to Twitter

June 30th, 2008

DeviantART is a huge artist community. Twitter is a huge… blogging thing. Obviously some kind of combination/mashup is mandatory, so I figured out how to get your deviations automatically posted to Twitter. Yeah, I’m bored.

First, you will need to figure out your DeviantART RSS feed address. The generic form […] Continue Reading…

Mars Phoenix In Spore

June 26th, 2008

Behold, my lame attempt to recreate the robotic spacecraft in Spore Creature Editor! 😛

You can’t really make asymmetric creatures in the Creature Creator, so I couldn’t add all the equipment to the top surface. Also, no parts match the solar panel coloring well enough, […] Continue Reading…

How To Create a MySQL Database In cPanel With PHP

June 24th, 2008

A PHP class that uses cURL to log in to cPanel. Can create MySQL databases and users, add users to databases, list existing databases, and more. […] Continue Reading…

TOR : How To Switch To a New Identity Using PHP

June 20th, 2008

A simple PHP function that can make TOR switch to a new identity. The script also supports TOR authentication. […] Continue Reading…

How To Add User Agent Switch To “Quick Preferences” In Opera 9.5

June 15th, 2008

A short guide that describes how to add the Identify as Opera/IE/Firefox user agent options to the Quick Preferences popup menu. This method works in Opera 9.5 and, hopefully, later versions. […] Continue Reading…