SEO in 30 Years : What Will It Be Like?

May 31st, 2008

What will search engine optimization be like 30 years from now? How will the SE algorithms have evolved in this huge – from the technological perspective – time period? Will every SEO have a solar powered flying car, or will they be reduced to working at algae farms? […] Continue Reading…

Improved Thread Simulation Class for PHP

May 24th, 2008

Two classes that use asynchronous HTTP POST requests to simulate multithreading (works on Windows, too!). The Thread class simulates a single thread of execution, whereas ThreadManager is an utility class that makes handling multiple threads easier. […] Continue Reading…

Google More Popular Than Sex

May 20th, 2008

According to Google Trends, people search for “google” more often than they search for “sex”. As you can see from the graph, Google beats the primal instinct by a pretty small margin. Still, damn.

Meddling Googlers

May 20th, 2008

Google has done it again. Just today, I discovered they have banned a specific keyword Google Trends because it was being used to estimate search volume of other keywords. This makes me, as the Cheshire cat would say, vaguely discombobulated, and willing to consider some far-fetched conspiracy theories. […] Continue Reading…

WordPress Plugin : Move “Publish” Away From “Save”

May 13th, 2008

I’ve created a simple plugin based on an idea somebody posted on WordPress Extend Ideas –

Right now, when you’re drafting a WordPress post in WP 2.5.1, the “Save” and “Publish” buttons are right next to each other.

It’s generally a bad thing in user interface heuristics to put […] Continue Reading…