wsKillHung application

If you are a programmer you have probably encountered a situation when the program you are debugging suddenly enters an infinite loop or somesuch and starts consuming 100% CPU resources. Sure, you can press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and kill it from Task Manager, but it takes ages because everything is slooow and sometimes you’d just rather hit the reset button… This can happen to ordinary users as well, if some of the software you use is buggy.

Another situation many users might be semi-familiar with is what happens when a fullscreen game goes haywire and crashes. The problem is that sometimes the display doesn’t get reinitialized and all you can see is a frozen image from the game or a black screeen.

So (after much procrastination :)) I finally created a small utility application that would help in such situation. It sits in the system tray. When you press Ctrl+Alt+K it finds the process that is using the most CPU time and kills it off. When Ctrl+Alt+R is pressed, it sets the screen resolution to predefined dimensions. Hotkeys are configurable and you can have it remember your current screen resolution to be restored later.

Download wsKillHung.rar (315 Kb)
Required : Windows NT/2000/XP
Doesn’t require installation.

Download source code (14 Kb)
Required : Delphi, madKernel, Jedi VCL

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