Make Any Application Remember Window Size

Many applications have this convenient feature where they automatically save the current window state (like size and position) when they shut down and then restore it the next time you run them. For example, all modern web browsers will automatically remember their window size and most IM clients/media players/gadget apps will obediently stay put in whatever corner of the desktop you’ve allocated for them. But what about those that don’t?

If you want make an unruly application remember its window size, check out AutoSizer. It’s a freeware tool that can keep any program at a specific size and/or position. In addition to the ability to set exact window dimensions and coordinates, you can also configure it to maximize or minimize the application, keep it on top of other windows, or even automatically center it on the desktop.

AutoSizer screenshot ( click for larger image )

AutoSizer is also useful for dealing with extra-glitchy apps that crash every couple hours and lose their window settings as a result. I’m looking at you, TweetDeck 0.25.1b.

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