Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress

This is a plugin for WordPress that can automatically cloak outgoing links in your posts and/or pages.

Download plugin
(Note: May not be compatible with the latest version of Eclipse Link Cloaker.)


  • Choose what to cloak – all links, only the links you specify or no links at all.
  • Choose where to cloak – posts, pages or both.
  • Exception list – links pointing to domains in this list will not be cloaked. For example, this is useful if you have chosen to cloak all links but don’t want to cloak the links to your own domains.
  • Compatible with all browsers – the link cloaker plugin doesn’t use JavaScript so it will work even for visitors that have disabled JS.
  • “Smart” cloaking – relative, ambiguous or malformed URLs will not be cloaked. Better safe than sorry.
  • If desired, you can also add your own cloaked links manually.


Lets say you’ve got a link you want to be cloaked.

<a href="">Cloak Me</a>

Once you install the plugin, it will automatically, without requiring any configuration, turn it into a cloaked link when it’s displayed to a visitor:

<a href="">Cloak Me</a>

Here’s a live example: Cloak Me

As an alternative to the fully automatic cloaking, you can switch the plugin to “selective cloaking” and tag the links you want to cloak manually:

<a href="">Cloak Me<!--cloak--></a>

Note: The plugin does not actually edit your posts or permanently modify your links. Instead, it switches them on-the-fly whenever someone views them on your site. When editing a post in the admin panel, you will see the original, uncloaked link.


Version 1.8.4 : (16 KB)

Requirements :

  • WordPress 2.8 – 3.3
  • mod_rewrite. If “pretty permalinks” work on your blog then you probably have this already.

(Note: May not be compatible with the latest version of Eclipse Link Cloaker.)


  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the `link-cloaking-plugin` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. (Optional) Go to Settings -> Link Cloaking and modify the default settings to your liking.


Why are some of my links not getting cloaked?

The most common possibilities are:

  • Links in the sidebar, header, comment area and so on can’t be cloaked by the free version of the plugin. It only works on links in page/post body. Upgrade to the premium version to cloak links anywhere on the page.
  • Links added using other plugins, theme features or custom fields are also supported only in the premium version.
  • JavaScript links, as well as Flash and context-sensitive ads are not supported by any version of this plugin.

Why are none of my links getting cloaked?

  • If using “Seletive cloaking”, make sure you have actually marked some links with the <!--cloak--> tag.
  • Double-check that the links in question aren’t added or modified by plugins, the theme, or custom fields.
  • Contact me. You might have found a bug.

The exception list doesn’t seem to work. What could be the problem?

Make sure to enter only domain names in the “Exceptions” box. For example, given a link like “”, the domain name is the “” part. So to prevent the plugin from cloaking that link, add “” (sans quotes) to the “Exceptions” box. Entering the full URL or “” will not work.

Additionally, if some of your links point to and some to, you will need to add both of those to the exceptions.

Why do some cloaked links redirect me back to my homepage?

Most likely, your post(s) contain links created or modified by other plugins, the theme, or custom fields. Either remove those links, or upgrade to the premium version.

Why do some cloaked links redirect me back to my homepage?

See the previous question.

Why do cloaked links display a “Not Found” error?

  • Make sure you’re using pretty permalinks.
  • Your .htaccess might be out of date. To update it, go to Settings -> Permalinks and click “Save Changes”.
  • Your hosting company may be blocking browser access to PHP files in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, usually as a security measure. The free version of the plugin is not compatible with these hosts. Consider using the premium version instead.

I have a question not addressed in this FAQ. What should I do?

Either leave a comment below, or email me directly. My email address can be found on the contact page.

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  1. If you want this plugin to function in a multisite WordPress environment use get_site_option() instead of get_option() and update_site_option() instead of update_option().
    This will set global option vars accessible by all sub-blogs.

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  3. Schnäppchen says:

    This is a fantastic tool I’ve been using for 2 years on my site now. Its been a tremendous help. I would certainly like give a donation to the author, is there any way to do so?

  4. Jānis Elsts says:

    Sure, you can send a couple of bucks to my PayPal account:

  5. Matthew Dees says:

    @Koen Muurling

    I think you may have the answer to my problem, since someone else converted my website into a multi-site WordPress environment, which I’m unfamiliar with.

    When you say, “use get_site_option() instead of get_option() and update_site_option() instead of update_option()” where exactly are these snippets of coding found, so that I can make the changes.


  6. Matthew Dees says:

    @Koen Muurling

    Believe I found the all the instances of changes that needed to be made once I looked in the plugin files, but still no luck. Damn, this sucks (my situation, not the plugin).

  7. fajar says:

    wow cool.awesome guys.
    Thanks for your attention..

  8. […] 这款插件的使用也是极其简单,只要下载后安装并启用就可以了(如果启用后出现Not Found的提示,请设置你的wordpress博客的固定链接,不要使用默认的就可以),如果你需要更新相关配置的话,可以通过“设置 -> Link Cloaking”菜单来完成,如下图: 将外部链接伪装成内部链接的插件设置 […]

  9. cgccp says:

    Eclipse Link Cloaker怎么购买,请给购买流程说明。

    Eclipse Link Cloaker支持外链图片伪装吗

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    Eclipse Link Cloaker支持外链图片伪装吗

  11. Jānis Elsts says:

    Sorry, I don’t speak Chinese.

    Also, you this is not the right place for ELC-related questions. Use this form instead:

  12. cgccp says:

    Eclipse Link Cloaker how to purchase, please give the purchase process description. How can I get the plug-in to download address, your e-mail is what, convenient connection

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  13. cgccp says:

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    Eclipse Link Cloaker support outside the chain picture camouflage?

    Jump 301 jumps? How to set up 301 jump, do 302 jump

  14. Jānis Elsts says:

    Again, please use this page for ELC-related inquiries:

    I am no longer the owner of the Eclipse Link Cloaker plugin, and can not help you. Use the above URL to contact the new owner.

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    Yeah.. I like this plugin because its free and powerfull.Thanks sir 🙂

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    I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this site.

  17. mbwani says:

    hello every body , i just want to make my all links of the post to first redirect to page i will create and then clicking the click button on that page will open the original destination of the link .. i want to put some affiliate banners on the page.. is this plugin helpful for that or not ..
    i just can’t understand what actually cloaking links are ..

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