Free RAR Extractor List

What’s with all the people asking how to open RAR files? Sure, RAR is a very good archiver offering nice file compression ratio; it’s actually the archiver I use and there are probably several .rar files to be found even on this site. So you get people asking for a RAR extractor.

It might seem like an obvious solution to just download the original WinRar software, but RAR is shareware and not everyone can endure the nag-screens or buy the full version. So today I’ll tell you how to open RAR files using only free software – no matter what your operating system is.

RAR Extractor For Windows

My freeware .rar extractor of choice is certainly 7-zip (download page). Once you install it, you can simply right-click a RAR file and choose 7-zip -> Extract here to extract it. 7-zip also handles multi-volume (“spanned”) archives – just make sure you click the first volume when telling it to extract. 7-zip is completely free – in fact, it’s open source.

RAR Extractor For Linux

There’s a good tutorial describing in detail how to install and use the unrar command on various versions of UNIX-based operating systems – Open rar file or Extract rar files under Linux or UNIX. I’ve heard there’s also a Linux version of 7-zip that you could use for opening .rar files – check their site.

… And For Mac

UnRarX is what Mac OS users can employ to open RAR files. Not only a .rar extractor, UnRarX can also restore corrupted and missing archives.

In conclusion

So there you have it – RAR extractors for every popular operating system.

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  1. Shayari says:

    I was always facing problem to open a .rar file . Window was showing an error “window cannot open this file ” .Now my problem hasbeen solved .Thank’s for this tip

  2. Mastiya says:

    I used Window’s and Linux version of RAR, first time I heard about MAC compatible rar.

    I am planning to switch on MACbook Pro, this page is helpful for me.

  3. olivia wilde says:

    I still get many people asking me how to unzip or unrar files! Thanks for this list of free extractors 🙂

  4. Varun Sharma says:

    Thanks for sharing these important tips. It’s helpful to me.

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