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What’s with all the people asking how to open RAR files? Sure, RAR is a very good archiver offering nice file compression ratio; it’s actually the archiver I use and there are probably several .rar files to be found even on this site. So you get people asking for a RAR extractor.

It might seem like an obvious solution to just download the original WinRar software, but RAR is shareware and not everyone can endure the nag-screens or buy the full version. So today I’ll tell you how to open RAR files using only free software – no matter what your operating system is.

RAR Extractor For Windows

My freeware .rar extractor of choice is certainly 7-zip (download page). Once you install it, you can simply right-click a RAR file and choose 7-zip -> Extract here to extract it. 7-zip also handles multi-volume (“spanned”) archives – just make sure you click the first volume when telling it to extract. 7-zip is completely free – in fact, it’s open source.

RAR Extractor For Linux

There’s a good tutorial describing in detail how to install and use the unrar command on various versions of UNIX-based operating systems – Open rar file or Extract rar files under Linux or UNIX. I’ve heard there’s also a Linux version of 7-zip that you could use for opening .rar files – check their site.

… And For Mac

UnRarX is what Mac OS users can employ to open RAR files. Not only a .rar extractor, UnRarX can also restore corrupted and missing archives.

In conclusion

So there you have it – RAR extractors for every popular operating system.

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44 Responses to “Free RAR Extractor List”

  1. qarla says:

    well, jzip is fine with me!

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Danish says:

    really really thanx it was a bunch of help, as how many files i deleted which were RAR so i couldnt understand how it opens or extracts buh u cleared mah difficulty and really made it very easy fo me to understand n even da download link mentioned really worked n helped me out.

    keep up da good work CHEERS n 1s again thanx 🙂

  4. perdere peso says:

    I never heard of 7-Zip until today. I downloaded and it worked perfect. There is no more need of winzip or winrar!

  5. amigo2186 says:

    i accidentally renamed a file to google chrome. now when i tryy to extract that file nothing happens. help?

  6. Shane says:

    Thanx, this site is realy helpful

  7. Melissa says:

    is this really working? havent tried it.

  8. Urvashi says:

    Thanx, this really worked for me.

  9. Davo says:

    Looks like its worked now, many thanks

  10. bugg says:

    PERFECT .. thanks bro .. ill never think twice before downloading a rar file … cheers

  11. jeyy says:

    hey thanks… saved me a load of headache

  12. heya says:

    hi, i’m just new to this so I was wanting to know (on the 7-zip download page) which one is best to download?
    I’ve got windows xp is that helps

  13. White Shadow says:

    It’s indeed unusual that it would report an error for a bunch of different files, but I still think it’s more likely that the files are corrupted. 7zip has always been pretty good about handling .rar files, I can’t imagine it would suddenly and arbitrarily lose that ability.

    Perhaps you could try reinstalling 7zip and make sure you have the latest version. Also, you could try opening this .rar file. I just tested it with 7zip and it opened this file okay.

  14. Laura says:

    Hi, I have recently downloaded quite a few rar files and I have downloaded 7zip to get the files from them. However, on every single one I try, it says there is an error and the file is broken. At first I thought that this might just be that particular file but it does that for everything that I try and they are all different files from different people. Is there something else that I could try?

    Please help…


  15. White Shadow says:

    Normally you just need to place all the archives in a single directory and extract the first one. 7zip should detect that it’s a multi-part archive and process all parts automatically.

  16. Bob says:


    online tool, as long as your file isn’t too big…works pretty well

  17. Tonya Henson says:

    You can also go to open zip file to open your zip files easily online. Hope this is a big help.

  18. Bablet says:

    I still need help. When I download a software it doesnt work for some reason. When I try online I have to buy it. Please help!

    -Bablet(who thanks you very much)

  19. White Shadow says:

    The post mentions several programs; which one did you download?

  20. dipto says:

    Thanx. Its really helpful.

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