This Is Not

…And I’m still going to post a bunch funny quotes anyway. I’m currently busy trying to improve the site structure, so instead of long-winded tech-speak you’ll have to endure my sense of humor 😉

The names have been changed for no particular reason. Here goes!

<iddqd> when you’re at cinema, please don’t cough during the movie… it spoils the experience when I’m watching it at home.

<aaa> my 14yr cousin wants to be a LARP’er too.
<aaa> so he’s found himself a tolkien-style cape somewhere and now he wants to make leather boots.
<aaa> so he needs leather, and what does he do?
<bbb> ?
<aaa> he types “leather roleplay” in google.
<aaa> …he just called me and asked “is THAT what you really do in those LARPs?!”

This one well-wishing girl made a colorful “I LOVE YOU!” postcard in flash and emailed it to all her friends. Needless to say she was very surprised when she got a bunch of “fuck you@!%” replies soon after. The email attachment was named “I love you.exe”.

(from a tech support call)
Tech: … I’ve worked in this field for the last three years. I understand what your problem is. Now I just have to convince you that I do…

<aaa> Eh, women where much more accessible than computers when I was young…

<livn> hey, frz, you’re supposed to be an expert in this
<livn> what do women need most?
<frz> tenderness, attention, flowers, a washing machine, a strong man, blue (green, hazel) eyes. or good sex.
<livn> thanks. that’s just what I needed for this crossword puzzle.
<livn>104 letters, fits perfectly.

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