Discarded Idea Bin

Here are some things I probably won’t do/implement –

Alexa is inaccurate, Technorati is inaccurate, PR is worthless, inbound links can be bought. Idea – create a new ranking system based on an aggregate of things like Digg votes, del.icio.us bookmarks, stumbles and a whole lot of other social bookmarking services. Throw in the aforementioned inaccurate ratings and calculate a weighted sum of everything to get a halfway reliable ranking. Make badges, get backlinks. [Discarded because : doable, but too time consuming & uncertain results.]

The spheres of the blogosphere
Aparently there exist several different … things that represent the “blogosphere” as a sphere. Some are interactive.

A GoogleLove rating (plugin)
So how often does the Googlebot visit your page? Does anyone care? Would anyone care enough to set up something (software) and show off the results? Would be pretty easy to do.

How NOT To Cheer Up Men
Beacuse I’m so pessimistic and evil, that’s why, plus most people fail to cheer up me.

Top 5 Groups most likely to create an AI

  • Spammers/sploggers – need better content autogeneration. I wonder when the Common Sense project will be used for this?…
  • Antivirus developers – arms race.
  • Blackhat webmasters – [not telling]
  • Google – just because they’ve got the capacity, plus arms race, too. I wonder how the aggregate perfomance of Google server farms compares to the perfomance of human brain (operations/second)?
  • Military – it’s likely, but undesirable.

Textbox default value trick in javascript
When the textbox has some default/placeholder value that get’s replaced when the user clicks in the box or types somethin in it, and goes back if the input box loses focus and has no value. There are actally some neat effects like having a placeholder image instead of text (this is done with CSS). Though I suspect the topic is too simplistic to merit an article + it’s been already discussed somewhere.

Everybody Misunderstands Nofollow!
I just hate when people insinuate that nofollow’ed links might still somehow help with SEO. No! Nofollow’ed links are only good for human visitors! Stop discussing this, damned mortals! [Mostly valid for Google only. Details. Only Google matters.]

If Programming Languages Were People
Somebody has already made a cartoon-style interpretation of four languages. Too bad I can’t draw. Alternatively, what about web browsers? (Firefox = McGyver wannabe carying half a ton of tools, Opera = … I like Opera)

Stone Online
There’s the Wall Of The World (a brilliant scam), how about making a free, smaller version, with a single rock instead? And take it up to the Everest! Alternatively, I wonder how remote control bricks would fare on the free market?

Top 10 List of Lists of Lists
I think this is actually a valid idea, but I couldn’t find enough lists of lists to list in a delicious meta-list. Eh, I like meta, and it’s rumo(u)red the mortals like lists.

Sonata Arctica – I Want Out
So they keep talking and they never stop
And at a certain point you give it up
So the only thing that’s left to think is this

I want out–to live my life alone
I want out–leave me be
I want out–to do things on my own
I want out–to live my life and to be free

End Of Transmission
So what is this post? It’s a form of closure. Now I can go and mark the items with a “-” in my arggr.txt and not worry about them anymore. I’m never going to get any RSS subscribers like this, I know 😛

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  1. Ross Shannon says:

    Hi whiteshadow. I wrote up a tutorial on the JavaScript textbox default value trick on my site: http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/forms/clearingdefaulttext.html

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