UIF to ISO Converter GUI

This tool has been superseded by the original uif2iso converter (© Luigi Auriemna), which now has it’s own GUI. Use that.

Recently I made a converter GUI for daa2iso. Now I’ve decided to follow up with another similar tool – the UIF to ISO converter GUI 🙂 It’s almost the same as the previous one, except that it operates on files with the UIF extension.

The original converter application was created by Luigi Auriemna. It’s a command-line tool, which means the average computer user wouldn’t know how to use it. That’s why I made this version that has a more familiar and simpler Windows-based interface (a.k.a GUI).


Converter by Luigi Auriemna, interface by me – Janis Elsts.

  • Converts UIF archives to ISO files. You can then burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD with one of the many freeware tools like ImgBurn. Pretty much all of CD/DVD tools support the ISO format.
  • Simple Windows interface – two input boxes and a button.
  • Easy to use – just drag-and-drop an UIF file into the tool’s window and click “Start conversion!”.
  • Doesn’t require installation – extract the .zip file somewhere and run uif_converter.exe.

Download UIF to ISO converter

Download : uif2iso_gui.zip (230 Kb) and uif2iso.zip from this page.
Extract all the files from both archives to the same folder and run uif_converter.exe to begin. If that doesn’t work, try uif2iso.exe – it’s interface isn’t as good (IMHO), but it should work as well.


Do I need to download the converter/interface separately?
Yes. Luigi – the author of the converter – asked me to do it this way.

When I tried to convert a file something just flashed on my screen and nothing else happened! Hmm?
That’s probably because the converter encountered an error. You can try to run it from the command prompt to see the particular error message – feel free to study the beginners guide to WinXP command prompt if you don’t know how.

I tried the command prompt and it still doesn’t work. What now?
Keep in mind that I only created the interface, not the actual conversion algorithms. So I probably can’t help you in this case. You might have better luck if you try to contact Luigi, the author of the converter.

I have a question about the GUI part, who do I ask?
You can leave a comment below.

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235 Responses to “UIF to ISO Converter GUI”

  1. KevinXU says:

    wrong bbis signature…
    wat now?

  2. xerix32 says:

    Yes, you are right! DAA and UIF file are easy (and for free) converted into ISO.
    I realized a video tutorial:
    “How To Burn, open, convert a DAA or UIF file converting it into ISO”:


  3. Teacher1st says:

    Thank you,

    It worked just fine.
    I unziped the two files, uif2iso_gui.zip and uif2iso.zip
    using 7-zip.

    Then double clicked ufi_converter.exe and filled in the name of the uif file downloaded with u-Torrent. This created the .iso file.

    Extracted the resulting iso file, again using 7-zip [www.7-zip.org].

    All [there were 50 of them] extracted .chm, .txt and .pdf files were readable.

    very best,

    L’viv, Ukraine

  4. Macon Richardson says:

    Thanks a million for the instruction and for the UIF to ISO converter. I’ve been fighting for months to extract UIFs to component files. MagicISO and PowerISO haven’t worked for me for reasons I don’t understand. Your program did the job in about thirty seconds with little or no brain power on my part.

    Thanks again.

  5. itm says:

    Afternoon gurus, I have an encrypted UIF image that I want to open. Unfortunately I don’t have a password that was used to encrypt it.
    What tool/utility can I use to convert the UIF to ISO and go past the password screen.

    Thanks upfront.

  6. secondking says:

    this application works great, thanks for your time and effort.
    and merry xmas every one

  7. Pain in the ass says:

    ‘Error: The compressed LZMA input is wrong or incomplete ‘
    What’s wrong with my UIF file?
    (I downloaded the UIF file using Bittorrent)

  8. me says:

    why does norton say the link to web page has known threats trojan ect

  9. tjome says:

    thanks alot dude ! really needed this 🙂 nero doest burn uif files

  10. jerry says:

    I encrypted my uif file with a password. I cant remember the password. How do i open the uif file that is get past the password prompt. Stuck pls help. Happy new year to all

  11. Gabriel says:

    I am trying to open a file and I get the following error message

    Error: wrong bbis signature

    Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Chang says:

    Hi. How do I open a UIF file that I downloaded as a torrent?

    I don’t have the program in a list but I can’t find it on the web.

    And to the dude up there, magic iso really does blow.


  13. Ryan says:

    I am getting the same error msg when trying to open/convert a UIF file to ISO

    “Error: wrong bbis signature ”

    any help is appreciated

  14. Sasman says:

    I have the same BBIS signature error.

  15. Hunter Jones says:

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  16. Rajeev says:

    Thanks alot

  17. Tovar says:

    Thank u very much

  18. adsafadsdsd says:

    wong bbis signature , WHAT THE FUCK ?

  19. jimi says:

    i have the same message ‘WRONG BBIS SIGNATURE’ someone have the answer? – no one does on the internet. help please

  20. FlyingUlcer says:

    ThanX a lot for this service. BOOOooo to MagicISO

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