(Im)Practical Voice Commands

A few days ago I saw an IRC quote that went basically like this :

When voice control interfaces finally go mainstream, the very first thing they need to do is make “Oh fuck!!!” immediately abort and undo the latest command or task.

Sounds fun. Below is my lame attempt to produce some ideas along the same lines (feel free to add your own in the comments) :

Don’t press tha…!
Lock user interface until the admin password is entered.
Synonyms :What does this do?; [purring noise]

What the hell?
Suspend all running applications and display the system log.
Synonyms :Uh oh; Is it supposed to do that?

Delete everything
Do nothing (a no-op).
Synonyms : Format C

Download …
Install and activate RIAA/MPAA spyware.

Damn, Micro$oft sucks!
Launch Google & look for “[current_application] tutorial”.
Synonyms : Pretty much anything.


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