Plugin Updater 2.1

Here’s another upgrade for the One Click Plugin Updater. Now with even more potentially deadly features! 😛

What’s New

Global update notices (≥ WP 2.5)
Displays an update notification bar on all admin pages when there are new plugin updates available. The update notice will list all available upgrades and include a link to perform them all at once. You can turn the global notifications on/off at Plugins -> Upgrade Settings.

Deleting plugins
Here’s your chance to wreak havoc and destruction! … or just get rid of useless plugins more easily – whichever you prefer. There will now be a “Delete” link for every inactive plugin on the Plugins page. Use at your own risk.


Download ver. 2.1 here or, if you already have a version of this plugin installed, wait for the update notice to appear and upgrade with a single click.


There were some lots of bugfix releases since the previous 2.0 version, but I didn’t feel they merited a separate blog post. Hopefully most of the 2.0 bugs have been caught.

Tentatively coming soon on this blog : “About” pages, recommender systems and something about scraping (if I’m out of ideas again).

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