Still Bored – Shade 2

My latest programming project (which I’ll discuss in a later post; it’s about DeviantArt) is still in the research phase, so today it is again time for another post of diversion and miscellany. And random music stuff.

What Was

A few years ago I temporarily bought into the common illusion that “it can’t be that hard” to create a passable musical piece, especially given all the various “music maker” tools out there. Here’s the only semi-complete remnant of that time – Shade 2


The track was created in Dance eJay 6. I used the Audio Player WordPress plugin to put the MP3 in this post. Had to uninstall the player plugin, so use the link above to download the audio.

What Is

You have probably heard of (my music), the audio wordgame-soundalike. Turns out there are more than enough WP plugins for that, too.

What Might Be

I’m lazily learning to play electric guitar. That is, at least I bought an Ibanez GRX40 guitar and the Jamorama LG course (not bad), so there’s some commitment. So far, my success is limited to pentatonic scales, “Jingle Bells” and random power chords.

Don’t I just sound like a real blogger, hmm? I’ll put up a subscriber counter so you can all see how well this kind of posting works.

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2 Responses to “Still Bored – Shade 2”

  1. Woody says:

    ah Dance Ejay – it rocked so bad on the original play station…although its admittedly best played drunk!

    nice song though – needs some vocals?

  2. White Shadow says:

    I’ve got a PC version, obviously.
    Eh, the track needs more of everything 😛

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