Random Linkage Day

I’m busy with an AJAX+PHP+Google Trends experiment this week and I can’t bring myself to write a complete post, so here’s a random assortment of interesting links instead 🙂

High-Traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C., and the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity
Lucid thouhts on online anonymity and why TOR is not a panacea.

PingCrawl WordPress Plugin
A unique plugin that can help you get more links and traffic. I’d rate the technique as slightly gray-hat, but it does work – I’ve successfully tested a similar approach in some of my private experiments even before this plugin was released.

Random Title Generator
This one is great. The titles it creates actually sound quite tempting; “Cracked Roses”, “Year of Nobody”, “Laughing Rings” – if those were books in a store I’d likely pick them up and read a few random passages.

Mastering JavaScript Arrays
An overview and a detailed reference. You never know when something like this could come in handy.

WordPress Database Cleanup – Removing Unusued Options
This plugin will scan your database for orphaned options and let you remove them easily. I might do a separate post about WP cleanup later.

Jade Redd
One of my favorite music projects/artists. Characteristics : New Age, sensual, common contrasts (water/stone, dark/light, sinner/saint), eloquent otherness (yes, that is a word).

How To Catch “soft” 404 Errors
Some sites don’t return the HTTP 404 response when a nonexistant page is requested. Instead, they show something else, e.g. a search page or suggestions based on the URL. This is called a “soft” 404. This article explains how you can detect this kind of 404s programmatically.

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  1. Socket Set says:

    actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie *’:

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