OCPU 2.4.x – Cute Icons And Random Tweaks

The soulless hulk of Progress trudges on…

I’ve ranted before about how the One Click Plugin Updater is slowly becoming obsolete now that WordPress has an automatic upgrade feature built into it’s core, but OCPU is still the most popular plugin I’ve ever released, so I continue updating it and fixing bugs. Anyway, it still has a bunch of features that won’t make it into the core anytime soon.

Version 2.4.x introduces a couple of new features and some minor bugfixes. On the “features” side we have two new WP interface tweaks. By checking the appropriate box in Plugins -> Upgrade Settings you can hide update notifications for inactive plugins. The notifications won’t show up on the Plugins page and will be excluded from global update notices (if you have those enabled). They’ll still be counted by the little blue blurb/callout thingy near the “Plugins” menu because there isn’t any API for changing that.

However, here you can apply the other visual tweak – there’s another box on the Upgrade Settings page that will let you hide the callout completely. I saw this suggested in a comment somewhere (can’t recall the site) and I just went ahead with it.

Another interface improvement comes in the form of menu icons for the entries added by the plugin – “Upgrade Settings”, “Install a Plugin” and “Install a Theme”. (Writers block!) I used the new API of Ozh’s Admin Dropdown Menu plugin to add the icons, so make sure you install that fine piece of GUI enhancement mojo if you want to see the pretty pictures. And they’re pretty indeed, as I used random bits of the famous FamFamFam Silk set to make them.

Oh yes, I’ve also fixed a few bugs. Trust me, you don’t want to hear the details (if you do want the details check out the revision history on WordPress trac, you … crazy person). Some other, more hideous bugs likely remain. If you’ve reported a glitch before and it still remains in 2.4.2 then I’ve most likely deferred it as unfixable for the time being. Mwahahaha 😛

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