How Popular Is WordPress?

We all know that WordPress is a popular publishing platform, but how popular is it really? While I don’t know the number of active WP blogs, here’s a different yet interesting piece of statistics – a chart of the historical Google search volume for the keyword “wordpress”.

(click the image to get a slightly larger version)

The value axis shows the search traffic relative to 2004.04.04, which is around the time that the 1.2 release came out. That is, according to Google WordPress is now about 37 times more popular than at the time when 1.2 was released, and it’s growing steadily. Yay 🙂

In absolute numbers, this is about 12 000 searches per day in November 2008.


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4 Responses to “How Popular Is WordPress?”

  1. Miravision says:

    Damn I would love to have some growth spikes like wordpress!

    You have to admit they have it down, wp is pretty unbeatable.

  2. White Shadow says:

    Indeed. By the way, check out the WordPress vs Blogger trends graph. I really wouldn’t have expected WP to beat Google’s own platform by search traffic, but it does.

  3. DavidM says:

    I have to say that the growth certainly appears to be continuing, though not necessarily in use of itself, but in use of the WordPress platform as a CMS. It seems increasingly common for me to come across websites using WordPress for administration. I see it being used outside of blogs, for online shops and commercial websites, whereas I recall this not being so commonplace only two years ago.

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