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The Raw HTML plugin has been updated! In case you didn’t know, Raw HTML is my WordPress plugin that lets you use unfiltered HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc in your posts. You can download the update from the plugin’s page, or wait for the automatic update notification that should appear in a few hours.

Version 1.1 is a minor update that finally implements one (yeah, just one 😛 ) new and exciting feature – disabling wptexturize and other built-in filters on a per-post basis. Previously you had to enclose the entire post in <!--start_raw--> <!--end_raw--> tags to do this, which could sometimes lead to conflicts with other plugins (e.g. Exec-PHP). Now you can use the handy meta box on the “Write” screen :

Raw HTML 1.1

Here’s what each checkbox does :

  • Disable wptexturize – This will disable the wptexturize() filter. This filter is responsible for creating “smart quotes”, converting dashes and ellipses to their HTML entity equivalents, and other typographical transformations.
  • Disable automatic paragraphs – Disables the wpautop() filter. Check this to stop WP from automatically converting newlines to paragraphs (<p></p>).
  • Disable convert_charsconvert_chars() performs a number of miscellaneous modifications and Unicode fixes. Disable this filter if you don’t want ampersands converted to &#38;.
  • Disable smilies – Textual smileys won’t be replaced with images.

These settings will also work in the post excerpt.

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11 Responses to “Raw HTML Update”

  1. Hikari says:

    I didn’t get it. Don’t we need anymore to use ? Now we just need to use the metabox, and it works as if we had enclosed the whole post on them?

    and what if I want to enclose just a part of the post? how should it be done?

  2. White Shadow says:

    If you want to appply it to the entire post, use the metabox. If you want to use RawHTML just on some parts of the post, use the tags (as before).

  3. JD says:

    You’ve broken the No excerpt p plugin with the update.

    How do you now remove the tags if you display the post title and excerpts on a front page, or a category listing for instance?

    With this plugin activated – the remove_filter option doesn’t work.

  4. TGSP says:

    What happened? I did the update, now my pages don’t have any data! Yipes, that’s not good!!!!

  5. White Shadow says:

    Do you mean the 1.2.2 update? It shouldn’t have broken anything (at least compared to 1.2.1), I just tweaked some regexps a little bit and they seemed to work fine in my tests. Could you post an example of the HTML that you use in your post(s) that has this problem?

  6. TGSP says:

    Yes it is the 1.2.2 update. After looking at some past posts I noticed the one regarding the file size limit of 35k. After further investigation on my site and source it appears that this is the problem. Any of the pages whose source is less than 35k works fine. Anything above that is blank. I create my code for my products through programming and therefore the code is consistent on each page. Of course the number of products affect the file sizes so I would expect something happened to that earlier fix.


  7. White Shadow says:

    Arrgh, this is a stupid problem with the PHP regexp implementation – see the bugreport.

    The previous version of the plugin that “worked” had a buggy workaround that would cause problems if you use more than one rawblock in a single post. I fixed that bug in 1.2.2 and the workaround stopped working.

    You could try increasing pcre.backtrack_limit directive in your php.ini to get around this. I’ll see if I can modify the plugin not to use regular expressions at all, but I’m not sure if that will work.

  8. TGSP says:

    Thanks for the info. I wasn’t able to change the limit in my php.ini as it doesn’t have the same setup as the bugreport showed. I then read more of your info and went ahead and experimented with multiple rawblock tags to break up the products. I found this to be successful providing I had a blank line between the end_raw and start_raw tags.
    Let me know if you get a better fix for this.

  9. trolleytips says:

    Upgrading the plugin has caused my pages to go blank! here example: http://www.trolleytips.com/directories/european-airports-directory

    I have not understood how TGSP fixed this manually, can you please explain.

  10. White Shadow says:

    Try this version. It uses string manipulation instead of the regexps. I’m not going to upload it to wp.org yet as I’m not sure how stable it is.

  11. trolleytips says:

    Thanks White Shadow! it has fixed the issue!

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