Lyrics Tag Cloud

Here’s a little mashup I created over the weekend – a song lyrics tag cloud, built from any user’s “Top Tracks” on You can select the time period, the number of tags to show and the sort order (alphabetic, random or by frequency).

For example, here’s one I made for my account :

mess lost never new light soul spirit higher moon sun give chance think everything day rose love darkness way take life alone bring come fades flames forever find face fly wish die now walk wait time feel know fall name heart end away nothing rain here summer someone world man

Make your own!

In case you’re wondering, the mashup uses the LyricWiki API to retrieve the lyrics and a homegrown tag cloud algorithm to visualize them. When calculating the size of each word/tag, it counts how frequently that word occurs in all of the user’s top tracks and takes into account number of times each song has been played.

The results seem impressively accurate to me. Reflect my general mood, they do.

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