Broken Link Checker 0.7 – Now With Search & Filters

Behold, a new version of the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress is available! This release includes the routine batch of bug fixes, two new translations (Spanish and Belorussian), an option to mark removed links with a special CSS class and, most importantly, a Search box :

Broken Link Checker - the Search box

The URL field supports wildcards, so “pla*.com” will match, and Also, when searching by response code, you can specify a a single code, a comma-separated list of codes or a range (e.g. 400-410), or any combination thereof. For example, “301, 303, 400-500, 501” works. Finally, you can save any search query as a custom filter and re-run it later with a single click.

Here are some ideas about what you could do with the search feature :

  • Create new filters to show just missing images, or only broken links from custom fields.
  • Find any generic “click here” links you might have created and replace them with properly optimized links with descriptive anchor text.
  • Find all links to a specific site, or all links to PDF files, or all internal links, or…
  • Find all images you’ve used in your posts. This can be useful because the Media tab only shows the uploaded images, but not the embedded/hotlinked ones.
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