Browser Performance Comparison (Updated)

Most web browsers have gotten an update or two in the 6 months since I posted my previous browser comparison. So lets see how they stack up now, shall we? Click the image for full-size view:

Benchmarks Used

Note that this is a different set of benchmarks than what was used in the previous browser comparison, and the testing platform has experienced some minor changes. This means you can’t directly compare the above figures with the results from the previous post.

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5 Responses to “Browser Performance Comparison (Updated)”

  1. Adam Dempsey says:

    Nice comparisons! It’s amazing how all of the Browsers have improved over the last year or so!

    Any reason why you didn’t use the Dev channel of Chrome though? Considering you’re using the latest pre-release versions of the other browsers. Might improve Chrome’s results even more!

  2. White Shadow says:

    I wasn’t sure how stable Dev is, so I used the latest version from the Beta channel. But you’re right, the Dev version is probably even faster.

    It’s hard to produce a completely fair comparison when different browsers use different naming and numbering schemes for their pre-release versions.

  3. […] sagt zumindest die nachfolgende Grafik, die Janis anhand von mehreren Browser Performance Tests (Acid3 und Co.) erstellt hat. Chrome hat dabei bei 4 […]

  4. artradix says:

    Thanks for grafics

  5. I installed several web browsers ,IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. i have to say there is no best one. Chrome is the fastest and there are lots of plun-ins with FF. IE is great for online shopping as it is only browser supported by bank company.

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