Google Chrome vs Opera – JS Speed Test

With the recent release of the Google’s Chrome browser lots of sites have jumped on it and started churning out reviews. However, most reviews focus on Chrome vs Firefox – for example, I have already seen no less than three articles discussing whether Chrome’s brand new JavaScript engine is really faster than the one used in FF equivalent.

How about some variety, then? Here are the results of five popular JavaScript benchmarks I ran in Chrome and Opera.

Browser versions : Opera 9.52 and Google Chrome

V8 Benchmark Suite

Google’s own JS benchmark that was used to tune the new JavaScript engine. Unsuprisingly Chrome fares much better than Opera in this one (a higher score is better).


Mozilla JavaScript performance test suite. Like the V8 benchmark, it also uses a number of algorithmic, pure-JS tests without any DOM operations. Lower numers are better.

CelticKane Javascript speed test

There’s not a lot of detail available ont what, exactly, this benchmark tests but I included it as it seems fairly well known. Oh, and Opera wins this one 🙂 (lower numbers are better).

Webkit’s Sunspider

Another pure-JS benchmark. Again, lower is better.

SlickSpeed Selectors Test

Runs a number of DOM lookups using various popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks (e.g. jQuery), lower numbers are better. Interestingly, Chrome’s advantage isn’t that clear cut in DOM operations – Opera is faster with 2 frameworks and gets fairly close to Chrome’s performance in other tests.

Note : I had to do some hacking to get it to run in Opera because the test page contains an unsecaped &em;i&em; tag embedded inside a ‘name’ attribute (which is bad and definitely not valid XHTML).

In conclusion, Chrome is way faster than Opera in pure-JavaScript tasks, but Opera comes closes and sometimes even surpasses Google’s browser in the speed of DOM operations.

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23 Responses to “Google Chrome vs Opera – JS Speed Test”

  1. RReverser says:

    Ha-ha. And now try Opera 10.50 vs last Chrome build. You will be shocked.

  2. . says:

    chrome version 6 came out ealy esptember 2010 its js speeds are supposed to be much better than the older versions

  3. Sroomy says:

    No way opera would lose to a freaken browser… Opera is way better prior to its last update. You havent seen the last of opera, i suggest taking that test once again. Do you mind also listing the features too…?

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