How To Highlight Nofollow With Opera & More SEO Tools

SEO toolbar for Opera ( enhanced by Photoshop :P )Usually I use Opera for most of my web-surfing, but I also keep Firefox around because of the myriad useful extensions that it has. For example, if I wanted to see what PageRank a page has, or where it’s backlinks come from, I’d start up FF and use the Search Status extension for Firefox to analyze the website. Until recently I thought there was no easy way to do the same thing in Opera. Turns out there is 🙂

Initially I was only searching for a way to highlight nofollow’ed links in Opera. What I found was a full-featured plugin that could do that, and much more. The plugin is called SEObar. It’s a JavaScript file that adds a new, toolbar-like widget to the Opera web browser.

Some features :

  • Highlight nofollow, noindex or external links (with different colors).
  • Display the Alexa rank and PR in Opera.
  • Show the number of pages indexed in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Display the number of backlinks in Opera (by search engine).

You can download the plugin from SEObar website (it’s free).

Overall I find this SEO plugin for Opera very useful. One drawback is that it might require some fiddling to get it configured to your liking. For example, you’ll probably want to disable checking a website’s Yandex rankings (unless you’re from Russia).

And by “fiddling” I mean “hacking the source code”. It’s not always required, but for me starting up a text editor and changing some variables was simpler than figuring out why my settings weren’t retained between session. Some of the things you can do with the source are explained on the plugin’s homepage, but there are also “undocumented” features like setting bCollapsedPanel to true to make the toolbar start out in “collapsed” (minimized) mode.

Good luck 😉

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6 Responses to “How To Highlight Nofollow With Opera & More SEO Tools”

  1. White Shadow says:

    [Post-upgrade comment system test…]

  2. ___seb says:

    You can also use the user.css with something like
    a[rel=nofollow] {background-color:#ffff00; }
    then check everything in ‘author mode’ (in menu Display > style > modes)

    that doesn’t work perfecty because of rel attributes like rel=”external nofollow”

  3. White Shadow says:

    According to you can check if the “rel” attribute contains “nofollow”, as opposed to simply checking for equality :

    a[rel*="nofollow"] {

    This should work for all links including your example (not tested). This type of selector is supported in Opera 9.60; I don’t know about older versions.

  4. Kelinci says:

    Thank you for your trick.

  5. Aquinox says:

    Hi, I installed it in the folder I set (3 .js files), restarted browser but nada. nothing in google and nowhere where I can find any SEO tool.

    I’d like to use the buttons too, but where do I need to paste the button code?


  6. Best Man says:

    This needs to work right in the gog search pages.

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