“Search This Site” Bookmarklet For FireFox & Opera

Some time ago I made a Firefox extension that would let you easily search any site you had open. The addon, while not hugely popular, has received some favorable comments and is still actively used by some.

Today someone who identified hirself simply as nettrotter submitted a bookmarklet that does the same thing. The bookmarklet is easier to install than an extension and works in multiple browsers, so, after some minor touching up, I decided to post it here. Enjoy 🙂

What It Does

  • Clicking the bookmarklet will bring up a dialog box where you can enter your search query. The script will then use Google to search the current site and show the results in a new tab.
  • Select some word(s) from a page and click the bookmarklet to search that site for those keywords.
  • Displays up to 100 search results at once.
  • Works in Firefox (tested on 3.0.3) and Opera (tested on 9.52). It probably works in a bunch of other modern browsers, too.


Drag this link to your bookmark bar (in Opera you can also hold Shift to drag the bookmarklet to other toolbars, including the status bar) :

Search this site

Afterwards you can go to any site and click the new bookmark/button to search that site, even if it doesn’t have a search box of it’s own.

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2 Responses to ““Search This Site” Bookmarklet For FireFox & Opera”

  1. MK Safi says:

    Here’s yet another site search solution. I created this one because I don’t wanna rely on mouse. This one utilizes Firefox’s search keyword functionality.

    I basically created a search keyword in my Firefox bookmarks. The keyword is “gs”. In the location field, I put

    `javascript: location.href = ‘http://www.google.com/search?q=%s site:’ + window.location.hostname;`

    Now, when I’m on a site that I wanna search, I simply press Ctrl+L to focus the cursor on the address bar (note: All my search engines are keyword based. I don’t use Firefox search engine bar). Then I type “gs <my search query>” without the quotes.

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