The Internet

I’ve noticed there is a cycle of information creation and information consumption. When I run out of ideas I can’t simply sit there and wait for some bright thought to pop into my head – ex nihilo nihil fit. I start going on walkabouts, playing with things and looking for interesting material online. Receiving new information to be able to create information (most kinds of creativity boil down to creating new information).

Invariably I run into memes, which can be amusing and even clever, and provide a temporary satisfaction. However, it’s a trap! The surrogate postmodernism of your average Internet meme is shallow and quick, and sterile. A fine way to kill time, though not really a cure for boredom. I can spend an hour browsing but I will still be bored afterwards.

Luckily I have bookmarked several Russian sites that discuss applied esoterics. Should be interesting.

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