Humans Are a Minority On The Internet

This is not about dolphins, monkeys, cats or dogs. It’s not even about all the infrastructure that makes up the Internet – routers, servers, communication lines. This is just an unusual observation made by checking some publicly available statistics.

Consider this :

  • The average Internet user sends 4.9 emails every day. This is the global aggregate; the actual amount of email communication will obviously vary between various countries, social groups and financial status and age of the person.
  • There are 95.7 billion emails sent every day.
  • This means there are about 19.5 billion users sending email daily (just divide the two numbers).
  • The total amount of people that have access to Internet is 1,173,109,925. This refers to the number of people who can access the Internet somehow; not all of them do it daily.
  • Conclusion : There are about 18.4 billion non-human entities using the Internet every day.

I know, I know – the huge discrepancy is caused by nothing else than spam. But I believe we can agree that spammers are not human 😉 And it makes for an interesting mathematical excercise anyway.


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  1. Bas says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. interesting point of view! I never thought that way!

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