Top 7 Things People Want To Kill

Sometimes I just feel like killing something, and I’m not the only one. So what do people do when they want to do something and don’t know how? They google it! Here’s a list of most popular killing-related search queries people type in Google. I used Wordtracker’s free tool to find the keywords and GTrends SE to get the search volume.

Warning : This list may be slightly disturbing.

7. Trees

A sinister treeThe sinister trees are out to get you! Get your flamethrower fast! Over 100 people search for how to kill a tree every day.

6. Barney

barneythedino.jpgThe cause of the hatred towards the hallucinogenic purple dinosaur remain unclear to us non-Americans. Still, Google receives no less than 115 searches of the kill barney variety every day.

5. Other people

Strangely enough, searching for tutorials on how to kill someone isn’t as popular as one might think – only 155 searches/day.

4. Insects

sm800px-meat_eater_ant_feeding_on_honey02.jpgThere are over six million species of bugs on this planet – it comes as no surprise that some of them tend to tick people off. Fleas lead the parade with 260 searches/day for the keyword kill fleas; how to kill ants gets around 150 searches and kill fruit flies is not far behind with 125 searches per day.

3. Popups

popup1.jpgSometimes popup blockers just don’t seem enough. Frustrated users want revenge, they want the digital blood of popup windows to be spilled! Popup killer is searched for 400 times a day. Why can’t they just use Opera or Firefox?

2. Weed

sm706205_thistle.jpgThe legal kind. 1389 people look for a weed killer every day, except in winter. Probably. In the temperate zone. I think.

1. Yourself

sm612222_hopeless.jpgPerhaps unsuprisingly the most popular thing people consider killing is themselves. Like it or not, every day people go to Google and search for things like kill me (2083 searches), kill yourself (1786 searches) and how to kill yourself (556 searches). WTF, if I may ask?

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