How To Add User Agent Switch To “Quick Preferences” In Opera 9.5

It seems that the user-agent spoofer feature has been moved around in nearly every major update of the Opera browser. I prefer it to be quickly accessible from the Quick Preferences menu, so I’ve written a short guide on how to add the “Identify as…” entries to that menu. I know this has been discussed on other sites, but it seems existing methods are only partially applicable to Opera 9.5.

How to add the Identify as… options to Quick Preferences

  1. See how to edit menu setup in Opera and follow the steps described there.
  2. Open your menu configuration file and find the section “[Quick Preferences Menu]”.
  3. Insert the bolded lines in the appropriate place :
    Item, MI_IDM_CONTROL_MENU_ENABLE_PROXY=Enable proxy servers | Disable proxy servers
    Item, M_IDAS_MENU_MOZILLA=Identify as, 1
    Item, M_IDAS_MENU_INTERNET_EXPLORER=Identify as, 4
    Item, M_EDIT_SITE_PREFERENCES=Edit site preferences
  4. Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Toolbars. Select the default menu configuration (“Opera Standard”), then re-select the custom configuration you created in step 1. Click OK. This will cause Opera to reload the menu configuration, and the changes you made will take effect.

The Quick Preferences menu (F12) should now look like this :

Quick Preferences menu screenshot

Good luck 🙂

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