The DAA File – Everything You Need To Know

What Is a DAA File

DAA files are yet another disk image file format, invented and used by PowerISO DVD software. This means that a .daa file contains an exact copy of a CD or a DVD – whether it be a movie, a game or simply a few gigabytes of accounting data (damn my perverted imagination). Disk images are used for a variety of purposes :

  • Backup DVD movies and CD disks and copy DVD.
  • Store DVD rips (politically correctly – “backups”).
  • Use in virtual CD/DVD emulators.
  • Burn DVD copy at a later date.
  • Upload and download DVD disks on the Internet.

If you’re reading this, chances are you got (that is, downloaded) a .daa file somewhere (that is, BitTorrent or the like) and are wondering what to do with it. Read on.

Sometimes, when somebody wants to put a “backup” copy of a DVD film or some other stuff online, the .daa file format is used instead of the more popular disk image formats (like ISO, BIN, CUE) because it supports certain advanced features –

  • Compression – a CD/DVD copy stored in .daa file format may be slightly smaller than a corresponding .iso file.
  • Multiple volume splitting – this means that you get multiple smaller DAA files instead of one huge disk image.
  • Encryption/passwords – I don’t think this one is terribly useful, but you can password-protect your disk images if you use the DAA file type.

On a side note, it’s possible to get all the aforementioned benefits of DAA files by simply archiving the ISO disk copy with WinRAR. This is why you may often see .rar files in BitTorrent downloads (additional information – how to deal with RAR files).

How To Open DAA Files

There’s actually only one alternative when it comes to opening DAA files.
There are two ways to deal with DAA files – you can either convert them to another file format (e.g. the widely supported ISO) and use the converted file, or use PowerISO (shareware) to open them. I’ll discuss both possibilities.

Converting DAA to ISO
Suzanne DeAngelillis has posted a wonderful tutorial on how to convert DAA files to ISO and/or burn them to CD/DVD using only freeware Windows applications. You can find the tutorial further below on this page.

I’ve also created a graphical interface for the daa2iso converter – my DAA converter GUI. It’s a simpler, easier alternative you can use if you’re not familiar with command-line tools or find the tutorial confusing.

If you’re using Linux, check out AcetoneISO – it can extract DAA files or convert them to ISO files. AcetoneISO is free, open source CD/DVD software that integrates with KDE.

Using PowerISO
To open a file with the .daa file extension on Windows you can also use PowerISO. After you’ve installed this program you can just double-click any .daa file (which will launch PowerISO and open the file) and extract any files contained in the disk image.

PowerISO can also “mount” DAA files with an internal virtual drive it creates. This means you don’t need to burn the DAA file to a disk before you can use it. You can just mount it and play the .daa file as if it was a real CD/DVD.

The .daa file format is proprietary and is not supported by any CD / DVD burning software I know of, except PowerISO. However, if you mount the DAA file with the virtual drive, you can probably copy/rip/do whatever you like with the virtual “disk” using whichever software you prefer.

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  1. White Shadow says:

    If you entered the filename manually, try using the “…” (Browse) button instead, maybe that’ll work.

  2. Stevey says:

    Thank you Luigi Auriemna & White Shadow

    The conversion utility you produced was great, and thanks to the GUI, dead simple to use.
    FYI – it works on windows vista (unlike most other programs annoyingly)


  3. Phil says:

    Used and Abused – lovely, thanks and cheers

  4. Ambrose says:

    The free program, 7-zip, can extract the contents of a daa to a folder, helpful for at least some .daa file at least. It’s an excellent arciving program, it does loads of formats, and will have a go at anything. Hope that helps.

  5. KuroYoma says:

    Ok, I have tried everything even loading linux on my other hard drive and converting it with the free poweriso. It always fails at 97% and says the file is too big to convert… is it a lost hope or can you guys think of anything to try

  6. White Shadow says:

    You could try asking Luigi – the guy who wrote one of the converters…

  7. kjhu says:


  8. TremLoc says:

    Nice program! I’ve been looking for something to use on .daa files for months. As a test I’m trying the comment from Ambrose. (using 7zip) and it seems to be working.

  9. ISO Man says:

    Question, if I may ask… I have the full version of PowerISO and I’m trying to convert 89 different .daa files that I downloaded into an ISO(s), however, I do not know how to use the program or even the basics for that matter. I am familair with how to use and burn ISO files, however, I can not find any detailed instructions on how to convert the .daa files into an ISO using PowerISO. Please help! Thanks in advance…

  10. White Shadow says:

    I’ve looked around and found no tutorials immediately available. There’s probably some “File -> Save as…” or ‘Tools -> Convert…” option that you could use. Sorry, I don’t really have the time to install PowerIso and investigate.

  11. eneimi says:

    While installing poweriso, u can check d option to make it d default handler for .daa files. So doing ur 86 daa files take on d poweriso icon. Just doubleclick any of dem and poweriso revs up. Otherwise, after installing poweriso, right click any of the daa files and ‘open with’ poweriso. Go to Tools > Make cd/dvd image and in that menu click on .iso as ur preferred option.

  12. macker says:

    .. i prob would of spent the rest of my life tryin to open it with alcohol 120% if no one told me…phew!!! and thanks

  13. Kaichita says:

    Haaha! What a great site! Love it.

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    Thanks a lot man. Awesome!

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    Bit Torrent is the place to find what u seek!

  16. ry says:

    wow thanks for the advice really helped me out! ta 🙂

  17. thebluesamurai says:

    Hi dudes, just to let everyone know that PowerISO works perfectly for extracting from .DAA files. At instalation of PowerISO check the DAA “assosiated files” box. This will automatically change the .DAA file to a PowerISO image.

    Start up PowerISO, load the newly converted image and shabang, extract all your happily awaiting files.

    Enjoy, and thanks!!!

  18. ted says:

    My 4 year old daughter wants to thank you. Now she can play those games her older sister used to play.

  19. White Shadow says:

    @ted – Welcome 🙂

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    i found this website is useful too

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