Free DAA to ISO Converter GUI

This tool has been superseded by the original daa2iso converter (© Luigi Auriemna), which now has it’s own GUI. Use that.

A while ago I wrote a tutorial about the DAA file extension, which has gotten a lot of visits ever since. One of the comments on that post pointed me to a free DAA-to-ISO converter by Luigi Auriemna. It’s a nice tool, but it requires that you know how to use command-line utilities (and many users don’t). That’s why I decided to make a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for the converter.


Converter Features (by Luigi Auriemna)

  • Converts DAA archives to ISO files. You can then burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD with one of the many freeware tools (e.g. ImgBurn) or whatever. Nearly 100% of CD/DVD software support the ISO format.
  • Supports multipart DAA files.

Interface Features (by me, Janis Elsts)

  • Takes care of all the command-line stuff.
  • Simple Windows interface – two textboxes and a button.
  • Drag-and-drop a DAA file onto the application window to select it as the input file.
  • Doesn’t require installation – just extract the .zip file somewhere and run daa_converter.exe.

Download DAA to ISO converter

Download : (230 Kb) and from this page.
Extract both ZIP archives to the same folder and run daa_converter.exe. If that doesn’t work, try daa2iso.exe – it has a different interface, but can be more stable.


Wait, do I need to download the converter/interface separately?
Yes. Originally I had them both in the same ZIP file, but Luigi – the author of the converter – asked me to remove the converter executable from this distribution.

When I tried to convert a file something just flashed on my screen and nothing else happened! Huh?
That’s probably because the converter encountered an error. You can try to run it from the command prompt to see the particular error message – feel free to study the beginners guide to WinXP command prompt if you don’t know how.

I tried the command prompt and it still doesn’t work. What now?
In this case you can try to contact Luigi, the author of the converter. Don’t ask me – I only made the window with the textboxes and a button πŸ˜‰

I have a question about the GUI part, who do I ask?
Feel free to leave a comment below.

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    i have a file that will be in.daa format but when i will be used .daa to iso converter it shows on command screen ” unknown daa format”. please please provide me and how to solve it?

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    i get an error that says ‘daa2iso.exe was not found!’

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    The GUI conversion doesn’t work. Its missing daa2iso.exe.
    I used the command line one (original daa2iso converter) and it worked

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